Talent Strategy

Wufeng is an enterprise, but also a career 

Need thousands of Wufeng people for generations to achieve 

Wufeng’s business belongs to all Wufeng people 

Wufeng Cable belongs to all employees of Wufeng 

  Whether in the process of Wufeng's growth and expansion, or in our grand goals, what we need most is talents. We firmly believe that first-class talents are the foundation for building a first-class enterprise. Wufeng insists"Technology is the root, innovation is the soul, talent is the foundation"Business philosophy,Always regard talents as the foundation of entrepreneurship, competition, and development of enterprise development. The company has formed a good corporate culture of respect for people and work, fair competition, respect for knowledge and talents. With its unique talent recruitment strategy, wide career development space, excellent talent growth environment, effective incentive mechanism and human-oriented corporate culture, Wufeng has made the company a highland for talent gathering.

 The first is to create a good platform and development space for talents --- to keep people in their careers;

The second is to implement various special zone distribution policies within the scope of the enterprise --- to retain people with benefits;

The third is to create an excellent cultural atmosphere, and constantly strengthen the affinity and cohesion within the enterprise-to retain people through culture.

These"three"retentions are the core positioning of enterprise human resource management. Regarding the selection and use of talents, we insist on fairness, justice and openness, and establish a scientific human resource management system, so that every capable and enterprising person can play their own abilities and realize themselves in the construction of Wufeng ambition. 

Talent Concept: Competent for one's job is talent innovation and development is outstanding talent 

  Talent is Wufeng's first resource. Whether they are doctors, masters and senior management personnel, or ordinary workers, managers, marketing personnel, and ordinary scientific research personnel who are fighting on the front line of production, sales, scientific research, and service, they use their diligent hands to give play to their talents and constantly create Wufeng business. Workers are equally indispensable talents in Wufeng's continuous development. We hope that more people will join the ranks of Wufeng business and more people will pay attention to Wufeng's development!


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